Hey Now Cabalists! The Founders have been producing the The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast for over five years now and have poured their blood, sweat and tears into this labor of love. We have been more successful than we could ever have imagined. Over the past years out Patreon Fundraiser has been a huge success but to take our show to the next level, it continues to require more funds. The Secret Cabal will NEVER ask any Cabalist to pay for it's content - it will always and forever remain free to anyone who simply wishes to download it. That being said, if you do feel that the is of value to you, please consider supporting the show financially. The more funds we generate the more events we can host for our listeners, and more importantly,  more content we can produce for you.

We thank all of the cabalist who have supported us in the past and we hope that we are worth your dollar.

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There are other ways to support the show!

Positive iTunes Reviews

This is an very important aspect to podcasting. The more people that rate and review our podcast, the more attention we get on Itunes which means more listeners - more listeners means more industry support - which means a better show! If you enjoy our show, this is a simple and free way to show us your support.

If you've never done it, it’s pretty easy. Apple teaches you how to review a show here.

Contribute Review Copies of Games

If you're a publisher or retailer, a great way to contribute to our show is by sending us review copies of games. The Secret Cabal is always excited to work with publishers to help promote their games. We can't promise that we'll review ever single game on the air (we feel that it's important to be honest with our reviews, good and bad, and we have chosen not to negatively review contributed games on the air if they just happened to be not 'our cup of tea'), but if we enjoy your game we will be glad to review it in the beginning half of our show or, if we really love it, a complete segmented review of it's own. If you would like to contribute games, please contact us. You can also send review games to the following address...

Attn: James Keagy
3203 Rex Dr
York, PA 17402