Beer and Board Games at Beer Mongers

Beer and Board Games hosted by The Secret Cabal at Beer Mongers

Founders Chris and Jamie host a night of board games and beer drinking at our local pub, Beer Mongers every second and forth Tuesdays of the month starting at 5:30pm. The evening usually runs stil about 10-10:30pm. There's a huge variey of beer and some great good too. If you're in the area and want to join us, stop by! Beer Mongers Facebook Page

The Official Cabalist Meetups at Gen Con and Origins

Every year and the worlds largest gaming convention, Gen Con and the worlds most fun convention, Origins, the founders host the official Cabalist Meetups! Every year our events get larger and larger and everyone has an amazing time. Even though you'll typically find gaming happening, these events are a social gathering were cabalists comes to share a drink, meet one another and have a party. This is our gift back to the cabalists for all the support they show us throughout the year. We host an amazingly large raffle in which we give out hundreds of games donated by the founders, publishers and fellow media creators.

Typically the Origins meetup is on Friday night of the convention and Gen Con is Saturday night. Keep your eyes on our events list for details when convention season rolls around.

The 2016 Gen Con Meetup. Over 500 Cabalists in attendance.

The Raffle Table. Hundreds of games given out at each meetup.

A Shot of the meetup from outside

The best friends anyone would ever ask for. From left to right: Don, Chris, Tony, Jamie, Rodney, Marty and Chaz.

Great friends and great podcaters, Brandon and Patrick