On April 5th, The Secret Cabal will launch their first Kickstarter Campaign

Five and a half years ago the founders created The Secret Cabal as a hobby and way to get us deeper into the gaming community that we love so much. We never had any inkling that we would have become as popular as it has OR that we would grow to love doing the show as much as we have.  At the end of 2016 we launched our YouTube channel and the reception was amazing, but as also proved to be a daunting task and our time for media production is running out. We have so much more we want to do with our podcast, videos and more but we just need more time to make it happen. We have all decided that the only way to continue to grow and improve is to up our game with fundraising with the goal of moving Jamie into a full time producer position with the podcast. 


What will happen with the Audio Podcasts?

Thats our projected audio podcasts for the a one year period. That new lineup includes our brand new Role Playing Game show, Lords of the Dungeon introducing a brand new cast: Jesko, Aaron, Jess, Bender and Jamie as moderator. That is an additional 14 episodes of the podcast making the show weekly. But that doesn't include the two episodes of Tales from Beyond the Grave, our audio drama show that previously had appeared as an Express episode at halloween. We would like to release one in the spring and another in the fall.

We have plans to do some renovations to the studio and get some new equipment so we can achieve an even better sound quality. With more time, we can do better planning and preparation for each show to provide even better content.

WHAT WE WILL NOT DO: We totally understand that there might be some reservations to all of this and how things might change for the worse. We WILL NEVER change what makes our show great. We're proud of the way we've run the show and the choices we've made in the past and our philosophy will never be altered. You will still get the same shows you've come to love and our dedication to being honest, irreverent, thoughtful and entertaining. We do not want to change, just get better.



What About The YouTube Channel?

Our video series is one of the major reasons for the fundraiser. We fully plan to go full steam ahead producing the video reviews. We are just getting started and though our quality is already excellent, we can do better and we'll work to make them the best they can be. We also have a number of other video projects we would like to develop for the channel including discussion, entertainment and more.

We'd also like to begin hosting regular live steam chat sessions to interact with our listeners/viewers.

Checkout some of our video productions



Though we are providing a few promo cards and mini expansions as part of our Kickstarter rewards, we don't want to fund our future by being a promo store, we are media producers first and foremost. We wanted to come up with something brand new to provide to our backers and that is where Agents of the Cabal comes in. It uses our skills as both media creators and gamers to develop a completely new experience for the gaming community.

Agents of the Cabal is a brand new media endeavour for us. We will be designing and implementing an "Alternate Reality Game" or ARG. An ARG is an interactive narrative that uses the real world as a platform and employs multimedia storytelling to deliver a story that may be altered by player's ideas or actions. Or at least that's how Wikipedia explains it. Basically what we'll be doing is producing video, audio, photos, documents, blog posts, social media posts, you name it to develop an ongoing, interactive narrative game. Think of it like Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective in which you read a passage, discover clues that lead you to another passage and eventually you solve the mystery. Agents of the Cabal will be similar only using multiple media platforms to deliver the game to you.

The Agency is a branch of the Cabal tasked with protecting it from its enemies. Agents (the players) will be investigating mysterious happenings revolving around The Secret Cabal and preventing their foul plans.

Agents will be issued the following...


Cabalist Membership Card

Agents will be issued their own personalized membership card. The card will include their name, rank and ID number. On the reverse there will be vital information regarding the cipher wheel. It will also have information regarding the Agent HQ website.

Agent HQ Website

We'll be developing a website that will be your home base for all of the Agent HQ info and investigation. There will be mission briefings, incident reports, message and an Agent's forum. On the forums you can do in and collaborate with other agents to collectively uncover leads and solve the mysteries. This is not a place to just post a bunch of spoilers, but to ask for help when you get stuck and to discuss theories of the overall plot.

Agents Cipher Wheel

Often you will receive or discover ciphers that you'll have to decode to access missions, incident reports and secret areas of the Agent HQ website and your personal cipher wheel is how you will do that. You can find these secret messages anywhere from the podcast, social media, photos and maybe even in person at conventions. Now that being said, there will be multiple ways of finding these messages so Agents abroad and not in attendance of conventions can get them as well.

The photo of the cipher wheel to the left is a prototype version and the final will look very much like that. It is a 4 inch, laser cut wooden wheel provided by our sponsor Daedalus Productions Inc. Check them out at www.daedalusproductionsinc.com

Options for Joining the Agency

Of course to get the membership card and cipher wheel, you'll have to back our Kickstarter at a certain level, but for those who would prefer not to spend a lot of money, we'll be be providing a print and play version of both at a much lower level.



Promo Cards and Mini Expansion Rewards

Now I said that we would rather not be a promo store and that is 100% true but we also are pleased to provide some physical rewards to our backers as a thank you for their patronage. We are keeping the promo pool very small because we only want to work with publishers who we believe provide the best products out there and have ones we are happy to promote.

All of the details aren't worked out just yet, but you can expect some awesome promo and mini-expansions from our awesome partners. Here are the ones we do know about so far...


Red Raven Games
Ryan Laukat is creating 5 custom Near and Far character tiles featuring artwork of each of the five Founders! And not only that, the reverse side will also either be tiles for use in either Above and Below or Islebound too! YAHOO! I get to be a sea captain finally!

Stonemaier Games
Jamey Stegmaier is creating a brand new encounter card for Scythe that will feature new artwork that teases a future expansion for Scythe and I can't wait to see this new expansion!

Portal Games
We haven't seen this one yet, but Ignacy promises a mini promo expansion for 51st State that provides tiles that will represent neighbors to the player's empire. I'm excited to see what he comes up with.

Good Games Publisher
Unfair is a brand new game that was Kickstarted last year and is releasing next month from CMON and Good Games has offered to provide a sneak peek promo card from a future expansion of Unfair!

Stronghold Games
Buonocore is, of course, galavanting across the country at the New York Toy Fair and some Dice Tower nonsense so I haven't gotten word on his promo but I'm crossing fingers that it'll be something for one of his hottest games from last year.

Mayday Games
Mayday isn't providing us with a promo but something much more valuable to the Founders, they are aiding us in the fulfillment of all of our Kickstarter rewards. Fulfillment and shipping can break a project and with this help we know we'll be successful!



As you may know that The Secret Cabal hosts a giant meetup party at both Origins and Gen Con every year, well this year there is a special event happening before the Gen Con meetup for a few backers of our Kickstarter. Those of you who are beer enthusiasts, can enjoy a dinner at the Tow Yard with Jamie, Tony, Chris, Stephen Buonocore and a host of other popular media creators.

The dinner will be hosted by Stephen Buonocore who is a certified beer judge. We will first take a tour of the brewing facilities and then come back to a table where The Tow Yard will serve us their finest of beers and then we'll have dinner together. It will be a casual dinner of beer drinking and great fun.

Our Media Guests Joining us for the Dinner…



Then after the dinner, Our Gen Con Block party!

As part of the Kickstarter we can start working on making our events better! And hey, who knows, if we have enough time we might be start working on the first ever Secret Cabal Convention! Check out the video of our 2016 Gen Con meetup here…


Well, that's about all I have to explain at this time. There's going to be TONS of stuff happening probably even more than I explained above... When we have time to plan out all the new great stuff, we'll make it a reality

And that's where you come in. If you would like to see us realize our dreams and provide you with more great gaming content...

Please visit our Kickstarter on April 5th of 2017.