Episode 18: Galaxy Trucker, Our Gaming Pet Peeves, Technology to Enhance Gaming

In episode 18, the founders break out Galaxy Trucker, the game that was purchased twice for our X-Mas gift sharing, to bring you a walkthrough and review. Tony does his duty and brings us the best of gaming news. Then we follow that up with a lighthearted discussion about our gaming pet peeves. To conclude we give you some insight into how we enhance our gameplay with tech. We discuss phone aps, web sites, and a variety of applications we use daily in our gameplay sessions.

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Episode Timeline

  • Galaxy Trucker Walkthrough: 00:42
  • Galaxy Trucker Review: 00:53
  • Gaming News with Tony Topper: 01:10
  • Gaming Pet Peeves: 01:26
  • Tech Enhanced Gaming: 01:58

Opening Banter Topics:

  • The founders attended a charity event at Six Feet Under Games in New Holland, PA. The charity was hosted by the Bodhana Group. It was an amazing experience with a very family friendly feel. Chris won a prize, though he wasn't certain what it was at the time of recording. He won a set of painted Carcassonne style meeples.
  • At Six Feet Under Games the first game we played was Lords of Waterdeep. A very awesome guy, James, sat down to play with us and teach us the basics. Thanks to James for making that experience a great one. Overall we were rather impressed about the depth of ameritrash theme over the very intricate euro style game.
  • Chris got a play of Fury of Dracula and had a blast. It was one of those amazing games that comes down to a card flip. The hunters won, Dracula died a gruesome death.
  • The founders also got a play in of Thunderstone Advance. An guy who, forgive us as we don't recall your name, came over and gave us a hand getting things set up and expressed how awesome the first play through of Thunderstone Advance is. We didn't have time to finish it out, but the theme really appealed to everyone. Brian expressed how terrible he is at the game and he's looking forward to picking it up at Origins. Jamie, however, wasn't really impressed since deck builders don't really appeal to him.
  • Chris got a play of Endeavor in, it's a territory control game, with an abstract feel to it. It has some elements of Puerto Rico. Overall he was pretty happy with the gameplay, stating it was a very fast game. It's 7 turns and the learning game took roughly an hour.
  • Final update on the MMA Board Game, it finished with one backer for $45. Brian is nosey and wants to know if the guy that started the project was the one who backed it.
  • Jamie is very excited that the Math Trade for Origins is back on this year. The Submissions List is on Board Game Geek where he posted what he wants to trade. When that's finished, he put into the Wants List software what you want and it matches everyone up and tries to satisfy everyone's gaming trades.
  • Origins Events list is finally posted! Brian is planning on attending the Wizards of the Coast future of D&D Q&A Session. Other than that, there's lots of good stuff. Check it out!
  • On a side note, Montey Cook has decided to move on from Wizards of the Coast. Sadface. No news about why he decided to leave.
  • Jamie wants to get involved in the Battletech Boot Camp, a 1 hour sit down session where they teach people to play Battletech! Tony wants to get in on the Warhammer 40k class.
  • Tony wants to get into a Malifaux game but Wyrd Miniatures isn't holding any events at Origins. Another sadface. The president of the company said that Origins isn't miniature heavy/friendly, There are over 500 wargaming events scheduled, however they've said they tried. Tony wants someone to be a Henchmen for Wyrd Miniatures and run an event just for us! If there's any folks out there playing Malifaux that want to play a game or two let us know!
  • Walking Dead The Game released on Steam! A very awesome point and click old style adventure game, with the art style of the comics. The story is a parallel tale to the one going on in the television series, with characters making appearances before they leave to join the group in the tv show. It's not a fps, but if you like story games it's a great buy. Roughly 2.5 hours worth of content with gameplay akin to Maniac Mansion or Monkey Island.

Walkthrough and Review: Galaxy Trucker

In a galaxy far, far away... they need sewer systems, too. Corporation Incorporated builds them. Everyone knows their drivers -- the brave men and women who fear no danger and would, if the pay was good enough, even fly through Hell. Now you can join them. You will gain access to prefabricated spaceship components cleverly made from sewer pipes. Can you build a space ship durable enough to weather storms of meteors? Armed enough to defend against pirates? Big enough to carry a large crew and valuable cargo? Fast enough to get there first?

Gaming News with Tony Topper

Product Announcements /  Releases
Smash Up is coming August of 2012 to game stores near you! This awesome new game will let you combine the epic powers of wizards, ninja, zombies, pirates, aliens and more to smash your opponent to bits!
Community Wizard - Social Media and Gaming merge! An online tool to arrange games with local players.
Agricola: All Things Big and Small, a 2 player version of Agricola which includes the common animeeples, available at the beginning of June.
A new preview of Small World Realms - Crops of Power scenario is available.
Now taking pre-orders for a reprint of Super Dungeon Explore!
Monster Chase! Designed by the maker of 7 Wonders for children ages 4 and up. The next Martin Wallace game will release in September or October, Asmodee exec quoted saying "it will be like A few Acres of Snow, but for four players and in a different universe."
Explore the Seas! Catan: Junior, a catan style game for younger players.
Wings of Glory announced for iOS!
Cryptozoic and DC Comics are teaming up to bring us a superhero based deck builder.
Legendary game designer Richard Borg (Memoir '44, Battle Cry) have joined forces to take you on a new action-packed adventure through the cold depths of space. ABADDON!
A Call To Arms: Starfleet now available. Possibly a european version of Star Fleet Captains?
The Uncharted Seas Hardback Edition Master Rulebook! It will beginning shipping on June 6th.
  Kickstarter Projects Ending Soon Defenders of the Realm: Battlefields, ~$17k and 262 backers with 26 days to go, from the designer of Defender of the Realms Richard Launius, play the role of heroes or villains vying for dominance to win major battles throughout the lands. Zombicide, with almost $800k with 5,200+ backers, a collaborative game for 1 to 6 players. Unfortunately we didn't take into account when the funding was ending, and it finished before our episode aired. Congrats to the lucky folks who got in on this. Ground Floor, 20 days left on this one! A Business building board game, over $41k and 630+ backers. Do you have what it takes to build a startup on a shoestring budget into an epic success? Start on the ground floor and find out! Ace of Spies. This looked to be an intriguing set matching game. Unfortunately between the recording date and the release of the episode, the project was cancelled on Kickstarter. They tried to do something innovative in today's market, provide shipping for free wrapped up in the overall cost of the project. Unfortunately, they found that drove the project price too high. Instead of dragging out the project to completion, they decided to end it early, take some time and redesign the reward structure, rethink the pricing and re-launch the project again in a few days. If you like what you see in the video, drop them a line and they'll update you when they relaunch the project. Contests and Misc.

Gaming Pet Peeves

So for our first discussion this week we've decided to share with you our gaming pet peeves! Here we talk about how much hate the little things that other people do (by this we mean other founders) that make us want to rage. To hear more about them please listen in on the podcast. Without further ado, here it is...
  • Chris - The Alpha Nerd makes Chris want to rage.
  • Brian - Players not paying attention while gaming, walking away from the table, then asking "what'd I miss? who's turn is it? what'd you do?"
  • Tony - Players eating messy food and ruining cards for games or other components.
  • Jamie - Hates card condoms, they annoy him to no end.
  • Brian - Sore losers, someone who quits a game before it's actually over.
  • Tony - Smelly players. Enough said.
  • Jamie - Non-gamers singling out gamers because they're better!
  • Chris - Can't stand long games where he's eliminated or he's out of the running in 15-20 minutes in. Whether or not it's actually true player elimination.
  • Jamie - After 5 or 10 minutes of players looking at each other, the guy who's turn it is says, "who's turn is it?" Or another 5 or 10 minutes go by, and people say, "Hey it's your turn!" and they respond, "I know I'm thinking!"
  • Tony - Players that refuse to use the appropriate name for game components or parts of the turn sequence.
  • Brian - Kingmaking in games, typically between couples, really irks him.
  • Chris - Expansions, please stop making them! We don't need Catan Sewers.
  • Jamie - Players that roll dice in the middle of the board knocking pieces around instead of beside the board.
  • Chris - Games that require a set number of pieces to play, but there's no extras, where losing one of the tiny tokens or chits means the game doesn't play out correctly.
  • Jamie - Can't stand component control box inserts. Can't get pieces out, can't get pieces organized back in there. He throws every one out.
  • Chris - Hates the fact that he has so many pet peeves about gaming.

Tech Enhanced Gaming

There are a lot of resources developed by fans of gaming to enhance games of various types, and today we're going to take a look at some of the tools we use in games as well as other folks use in their games. This is going to focus on mostly tabletop games but will also include resources for tabletop wargaming and board/party games. To hear our thoughts on all the different resources listed here you'll have to listen to the show, but every one we mention gets a thumbs up from us. Due to the number of different resources available I'm going to list them out instead of providing a detailed assessment of each tool. To start, Obsidian Portal is a great resource to design a wiki for a campaign. There's a built in message system, npc tracking, lots of goodies for making campaign information available online. Lone Wolf Development has Hero Lab, with tons of different rulesets. It's a character creation tool for a variety of gaming systems. Realm Works is the GM side of things with map creation, storyboarding, etc. It is currently in development. D&D Insider is a common one that many are probably familiar with. That's Wizards of the Coast's character creator, item compendium, monster/encounter builder. In addition to these common resources available, many users have created custom tools. Asmor.com has plenty of great utilities including Quartermaster for randomly generating treasure parcels for you D&D 4E campaign. Master Plan is a great, free application to manage games that can be used to host games remotely. D&D 4E Combat Manager and Virtual Combat Cards are also free applications that make management of combat in D&D 4E easy. Board Game Geek.com is the go to site for everything board gaming related, though if you're listening to us you probably already know that. VASSAL is a free, open-source software created by volunteers. It's a game engine for building and playing online adaptations of board and card games. Players can play live or via email. It runs on all platforms and is free! In addition, game companies are offering free play online of games, such as Days of Wonder's Memoir '44 on Steam. There are a ton of Apps out there that are great. Matthew Sharwarko shared with us a great iOS scoring app for 7 Wonders in our recent game day at Comic Store West in York, PA called 7 Wonders Scorer. There's a Agricola Scorekeeper app for Android that keeps track of how everyone is doing. Chris discusses the Arkhem Horror Toolkit that manages the cards and resources. Tony discusses how he'd love to see a rulebook as an app, not a pdf. Something that has built in video explaining that particular section of the rules. Jamie shares Mayfair Games has the White Glove series. They're board game tutorials, very streamlined and easy to follow. Jamie expresses that he loves the Board Game Geek app that he keeps handy when looking to purchase a game. It gives him the pricing, feedback, and a plethora of pictures of the game. Jamie jumps right into miniature wargaming. Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasy, and Warmachine has Army Builder by Lone Wolf Development. This tool makes it easy to outfit an entire army. Army Builder is really the one stop shop that features packs for specific games. Tony talks about Privateer Press' War Room for Warmachine, the upcoming end all be all for folks who just play Warmachine. Brian shares Malifaux Tactica at Pullmyfinger which is the ultimate resource for the game. It has strategies for different strategies and schemes, crew suggestions. Jamie and Tony talk about Battle College, Warseer, and a few others. Jamie says that as a hobby painter, he often goes to Cool Mini Or Not and looks up the model for pictures of how others have painted them. Ultimately, we want to know what YOU use in your gaming. What iOS or Android apps do you use when playing tabletop, board, or miniature wargames? Are you an advocate of a free open-source application out there for management of your tabletop game? Do you have any invaluable web sites you use to manage your game, to keep track of the many little details that often get lost on scraps of paper at the table? We want to see how other groups have enhanced their game play with tech. Let us know on our guild forums on Board Game Geek!

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