Episode 60: Nations, How We Judge a Game and The Origins of The Egyptian Avengers

The gang is back for another game filled episode of the Secret Cabal! In episode 60 the founders talk about the civilization building euro game, Nations! Then they take a look back at The Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures game and discuss if it's still hitting the table. Professional anchorman, Tony Topper, brings you all the gaming news worth hearing. Then the founders discuss what criteria they look for in a game. The show is finished with a tangent filled discussion about superhero RPGs...

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Opening Banter

The Secret Cabal International Tabletop Day Event!

The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast is hosting their International Tabletop Day board gaming events at War and Pieces Gamer’s General Store and Lounge in Lancaster Pennsylvania.  The event will run from opening to closing, 10am to 10pm, Saturday April 5th, 2014. We’ll also be holding game raffles throughout the day thanks to our sponsors Stronghold Games and Game Salute and a number of other publishers. Bring your games and your friends out and have a party with Chris and Jamie from the Secret Cabal!  The store isn’t the largest, but it has good space for gaming and is operated by some great people. It’s inside the mall on the second floor with a parking lot in the rear.  Also, the Lancaster Dispensing Company is less than half a block up away, so there will be beer breaks!

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From the humble beginnings of civilization through the historical ages of progress, mankind has lived, fought and built together in nations. Great nations protect and provide for their own, while fighting and competing against both other nations and nature itself. Nations must provide food and stability as the population increases. They must build a productive economy. And all the while, they must amaze the world with their great achievements to build up their heritage as the greatest nations in the history of mankind! Nations is an intense historical board game for 1-5 players that takes 40 minutes per player to play. Players control the fate of nations from their humble start in prehistoric times until the beginning of World War I. The nations constantly compete against each other and must balance immediate needs, long-term growth, threats, and opportunities.

Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game

Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game is a tactical ship-to-ship combat game in which players take control of powerful Rebel X-wings and nimble Imperial TIE fighters, facing them against each other in fast-paced space combat. Featuring stunningly detailed and painted miniatures, the X-Wing Miniatures Game recreates exciting Star Wars space combat throughout its several included scenarios. Select your crew, plan your maneuvers, and complete your mission! Whatever your chosen vessel, the rules of X-Wing facilitate fast and visceral gameplay that puts you in the middle of Star Wars fiercest firefights. Each ship type has its own unique piloting dial, which is used to secretly select a speed and maneuver each turn. After planning maneuvers, each ship's dial is revealed and executed (starting with the lowest skilled pilot). So whether you rush headlong toward your enemy showering his forward deflectors in laser fire, or dance away from him as you attempt to acquire a targeting lock, you'll be in total control throughout all the tense dogfighting action.

Gaming News with Tony Topper

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Game Salute
Tiger Stripes
. Long ago a great mother tigress had four cubs. After many days she instructed her growing tigers, “Go out into the far reaches of the world and seek your fortunes. Hunt for prey to earn your stripes and become powerful. Have many wonderful adventures. When one of you returns to me full-grown, I will summon all the rest. On that day you will reveal to me your jewels and accomplishments. The greatest of you will rule over all my domain.” You are a young tiger with no stripes! You have been sent out into the wide world to prove your worth and become truly great. You must hunt for food to earn your stripes. You must also collect jewels to build your fortune. Finally, you may experience dangerous adventures, adding to your success. The tiger who scores the most points wins.

Dungeon Scroll
As sorcerers of the mystical art of Word Weaving, you and several other treasure hunters will descend into the Tomb of the Forgotten Consonant and quest for the Syllabus of the Lost Syllable. When the journey is complete, only the most heroic word smith will walk away with the win! 

Stronghold Games
Space Cadets: Away Missions is a standalone game in the Space Cadets universe. It is a cooperative, tactical action game for 1-6 players, artistically set in the Golden Age of science fiction, and thematically a prequel to the original Space Cadets.  Players take on the roles of adventurous human spacemen as they move outside the relative safety of their ship, exploring UFOs, acquiring Alien technology, and fighting hostile extraterrestrials.  Space Cadets: Away Missions contains 15 scenarios linked in a campaign story arc, and utilizes modular hexagonal map tiles to create the locations that the players explore on their Away Missions.  Cooperation and tactical planning are essential if the spacemen hope to overcome the relentless onslaught of Alien creatures. 
Space Cadets: Dice Duel – Die Fighter is the first expansion to last year’s smash-hit Space Cadets: Dice Duel, “The Team vs. Team, Real-time, Dice-Rolling Game of Starship Combat!”, supporting 2 new play modes.  In Carrier Strike mode, each team will command a second ship on the board as well, which is a faster, more maneuverable, but more fragile Fighter-class ship. With 4 ships on the board, Carrier Strike mode will now support up to 10 players. In Fighter Duel mode, 2 players man fighters in head-to-head combat for quick and intense battles. Die Fighter expansion now provides support for 2 to 10 players.
Space Cadets: Resistance Is Mostly Futile
is the first expansion for the original Space Cadets. In this expansion, each station has access to the Psycho-Acoustic Neural Interface Control (P.A.N.I.C.) button, which gives players new options if things aren't going quite as expected. This expansion also includes new Missions, including quick play ones for a faster game, new enemies like the mysterious space beasts, new Map Tiles with new hazards, and other challenges that will test the most seasoned crew of Space Cadets. 
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