Express 49: The Three Amigos Discuss Origins 2019 and Go Fandom Wild

In episode 49 of the Secret Cabal Express, Jamie welcomes Honorary Founders Rodnedy Smith of Watch It Played and Marty Connell of Rolling Dice and Taking Names to talk about Origins Game Fair 2019 in Columbus Ohio, the shenanigans they plan to get into and the food and games they're looking forward to. Then The Three Amigos discuss fandom (spoiler free) including Game Conventions, board games, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Twin Peaks, Lord of the Rings, Games Workshop, Privateer Press and more. Please check out Rodney's channel, Watch It Played at https://www.youtube.com/watchitplayed and Marty's podcast at https://www.rolldicetakenames.com/ and also the Rolling Dice and Taking Names fundraiser at https://www.podpledge.com/project/458/Rolling-Dice-Taking-Names-19-20/home.

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