Express 48: Quantic Foundry Board Games Motivation Profile

In episode 48 of the Secret Cabal Express, Tony and Jamie dig into Quantic Foundry's new Board Game Motivation Profile tool meant to collect market research data on the motivations of board gamers found at Apps.QuanticFoundry.com.

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What is the Board Games Motivation Profile

The current model is based on data from over 40,000 board gamers who have participated in the Board Game Motivation Profile. We’re continuously testing new survey items, re-analyzing the clusters, and updating the model as new gamers take this survey. The game examples listed in the descriptions below were generated based on the data we’ve collected from these 40,000 board gamers — i.e., games that were often mentioned by gamers who score high on Strategy are the ones listed in the Strategy description.

Take the survey here: https://apps.quanticfoundry.com/

Collected Profiles:

Jamie: https://quantic.page.link/wtzcBrV9nbdxJ8uBA
Tony: https://apps.quanticfoundry.com/profiles/tabletop/YvqeemcejcFEyJJDhfZjDM/
Steve: https://apps.quanticfoundry.com/profiles/tabletop/iYhVH6ZTHQPU7kzwiXHdQa/
Chris: https://quantic.page.link/seVpk5GKv1hJbN386
Rodney Smith (Watch It Played): https://quantic.page.link/26jygmnjaat6jWyb7
Joel Eddy (Drive Thru Games): https://apps.quanticfoundry.com/profiles/tabletop/XiR44ypX5fosh4iuKZfKxb/
Chaz Marler (Pair of Dice Paradise): https://quantic.page.link/ArThNLe4nHdzMfJ67
Matt Evans (Board Game Replay): https://quantic.page.link/W9UZsgqwKjWd7tr68

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