Episode 72: Lords of Xidit, City of Horror Lookback and Gen Con 2014 Retrospective

It's the time you've all been waiting for, the Gen Con 2014 retrospective! In the banter we talk about a ton of new games we purchased and played. THen we review a brand new game released this year, Lords of Xidit. Tony talks about all the gaming news including the upcoming games we got a chance to demo at Gen Con. Then the founders talk about their experiences at the convention this year!

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Games Played

  • Games PLayed During Gen Con: 00:09
  • Magic Item Contest: 00:56
  • Lords of Xidit Walkthrough 01:00
  • Lords of Xidit Review 01:07
  • City of Horror Lookback: 01:30
  • The News with Tony T: 01:34
  • Demos played at Gen Con: 01:45
  • Our Gen Con Retrospective: 02:00


Lords of Xidit Review

The Black Southern Host has arisen, corrupting the hearts of the indigenous creatures. Afflicted by a mysterious sickness, they are attacking human cities. The last remaining hope for restoring peace to Xidit lies with the Kingdom's noble heirs, the Idrakys. As one of them, you must roam the Kingdom recruiting brave soldiers and reclaiming threatened cities. Your bravery will not go unrewarded: accumulate wealth, send bards to sing your praises, and build Sorcerers' Guilds! Lords of Xidit features simultaneous programming and an elimination-based scoring system that leaves no room for complacency! In more detail, at the end of the game players compare their influence in one category and the player with the least influence is eliminated and his pieces removed from the board; players then compare influence in another category, with a player again being removed. The order of elimination is randomly determined at the start of play, forcing you to thinking in different ways each game.

City of Horror  Look Back

City of Horror is a backstabbing survival-horror game. As in classic zombie movies, a shambling horde is invading the city. The goal is to survive the assault. (Un)fortunately, surviving often means sacrificing some of your fellow players to the undead... Each player controls several characters with different abilities; these characters can move to various limited-capacity locations, which they can then barricade and scavenge for items and weapons. Critical situations, such as zombies breaking in and eating a character, are resolved using vote. The basic game mechanisms are the same as in Mall of Horror (also designed by Nicolas Normandon), but City of Horror differs in both materials and game play in a number of ways: the city map changes each game, twenty characters are included, they can use antidotes (or die), action cards become scarce as the game goes on, you can gain points with other stuff than surviving characters... 

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