Episode 155: Rising Sun, Assault of the Giants and The Founders Feud 3: The Grudge Match

Hey Now Cabalists! Today is the big day! The day in which The Overdeer Family (Steve and Tony) take on the Limb Family (Chris and Brian) to see how is the greatest Founder duo in history in The Founders Feud 3: The Grudge Match! But first, Chris gives us another Gaming Movie Review, this time he takes a look at Zero Charisma. Then Tony, Steve and Jamie give you a feature review of Rising Sun followed by a look back at Assault of the Giants, the Dungeons and Dragons board game based on the Storm King's Thunder campaign. As always Tony T gives us the best damned gaming news rundown in the history of gaming news rundowns. And then, the royal rumble... It's time for The Founders Feud!

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Chris' Movie Corner

Zero Charisma

Opening Banter and Reviews

Feature Review: Rising Sun

Rising Sun is a spiritual successor in the same mythic big box series as Blood Rage: same designer, same artist, same studio and same sculptors. Rising Sun is a game about honor, negotiation, and warfare in a feudal Japan where the ancient gods (kami) have returned to rebuild the empire. Whereas the distant ancestor of Blood Rage was Risk, Rising Sun claims Diplomacy as its distant ancestor. Tackle negotiations, alliances, and war. Capture hostages and commit seppuku. The game features an honor track, which rises and falls based on your actions.

Designed by Eric Lang

Published by CMON

BoardGameGeek.com Entry

Lookback Review: Assault of the Giants

Based on the story first presented in the Storm King’s Thunder adventure from Dungeons & Dragons, Assault of the Giants is a new board game designed by Andrew Parks for 3-6 players. Players will need to command armies of giants as they wage war throughout northwest Faerûn. Order your giants to assault small folk villages and cities to score points and secure resources including food, artifacts, ore, and runes. Each player issues commands to his or her giants in the form of command cards (recruit, move, attack, pillage, and so on). This allows players to recruit new giants, send them out to attack settlements and other giants, and also to pursue special agendas based upon their race. Each player represents a different giant race (hill giants, stone giants, frost giants, fire giants, cloud giants, or storm giants), each with a different agenda. For example, the Storm Giants seek to restore their lost monarch, King Hekaton. The Cloud Giants seek an ancient dragon treasure trove, and the Hill Giants seek an abundance of food with which to feed their massive monarch, Chief Guh.

Designed by Andrew Parks

Published by Wizkids

BoardGameGeek.com Entry

Gaming News by Tony T

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