Episode 121: Mythos Tales, Far Space Foundry and Horror Films turned Board Game

It's Halloween time and we got a spooooooky episode for you. First we take a look at the Lovecraft investigation game, Mythos Tales. Then we look back at Far Space Foundry one year later. Tony T horrifies you with all the crazy board game news going on around the world. Then finally, each of the founders takes a horror film they love and pitches a board game version of it.

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Opening Banter and Reviews

Feature Review: Mythos Tales

Macabre detection in the worlds of H.P. Lovecraft Welcome to H.P. Lovecraft’s Arkham, the 1920s. There will be many mysteries to uncover in this storytelling game of Lovecraftian terror. Using the provided newspaper, a list of allies, the directory of Arkham residents and a map of Arkham - your job is to follow the clues from location to location, suspect to suspect - to unravel the mystery and answer the questions posed at the end of each scenario. Your score will depend upon the number of clues points you needed to visit, the risks you took to your sanity in your investigations and your ability to find the correct answers to the questions. Match wits with Armitage's final score the man who has been exposed to the sanity-blasting truth about the existence of the age old evil! Can you beat his score? With that in mind it is time to collaborate with Armitage’s investigations to complete your training. This is not a typical board game: No dice, no luck, but a challenge to your mental ability.

Designed by Hal Eccles, Will Kenyon, Jason Maxwell and Tim Uren

Published by 8th Summit

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Lookback Review: Far Space Foundry

The Far Space Federation is leading an ongoing peacekeeping mission. The crew on the front lines are in constant need of new supplies and equipment, so the Federation has set up a massive supply line network. This network is composed of massive space stations called Foundries. Some Foundries are specialized in mining and processing ore from asteroids. Other Foundries are equipped with robotic manufacturing and repair facilities. Their job is to keep the flow of supplies going efficiently as possible.

Designed by Dan Manfredini

Published by Terra Nova Games

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Gaming News by Tony T

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