Episode 111: Railways of the World, Mythotopia and A Short Topic Extravaganza

Chris and Jamie are back from their trip to Atlanta, Georgia for the Cool Mini or Not Expo and they have some great games to report on. Then the founders take a look at an old favorite from their collection, Railways of the World and look back at a second Martin Wallace game Mythotopia. Tony T relays all the important news updates from around the gaming community with the professionalism you've come to expect. And finally the gang hosts another short topic extravaganza discussing RPG balance, our genie wishes, why publishers aren't more open about their in-production games and more.

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  • Dutch Bltiz
  • Strike
  • Millennium Blades
  • Potion Explosion
  • Gravwell
  • The Grizzled: At Your Orders
  • Kaosball
  • A Game of Thrones
  • Heroes of Normandie

Railways of the World

Revisit the early days of the Age of Steam as you begin with a locomotive (the venerable John Bull, the first locomotive to run in North America) and a vision (your Tycoon "mission" card). From there, build your budding railroad network into a vast empire. Connect New York to Chicago, earn the most money, develop bigger and faster locomotives and maybe even span North America and build the Transcontinental Railway!


Mythotopia is a deck-building game set in a medieval fantasy world that draws on the mechanisms found in A Few Acres of Snow with players customizing their personal card decks by drafting cards and expanding into provinces. The game board is composed of forty provinces, each with its own card. At the start of play, you receive a number of Province cards at random, then mark your initial positions with town pieces. Shuffle these Province cards with a set of five Initial cards to form your starting deck, then draw a hand of five cards. The game includes 27 Improvement cards, 16 of which are drawn and placed on display; these cards will be drafted during the game.

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