The Secret Cabal’s Tales from Beyond the Grave

In The Secret Cabal's Tales from Beyond the Grave the rotten, worm ridden corpse, The Secret Cabal Grave Digger hosts seven true tales of mind boggling horror from the podcasters you love to listen to. Jamie spins the yarn of "The Island of Terror". Marty Connell from Rolling Dice and Taking Names tells his tale of horror, "The Peering Effigy". Robb Rouse from Blue Peg Pink Peg recalls his night of fright in "Tweet Tweet Tweet". Steve regales you with this experience with a spook in "Lunchtime Poltergeist". Patrick haunts your dreams with his story, "Let Me In!". Jamie remembers his night as a ghostbusters in the story "The Cold Room". And to wrap up the show, Tony T retells his shocking experience in a haunted graveyard in "Bonavier"

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